The 2014-2017 COACH Teams

Fort Healthcare Healthy Communities Coalition
Increase physical activity levels of community members and increase both availability and consumption of drinking water. For more information on Fort Healthcare's Community Coalition, please visit their website

Healthy People Project of Washington County
Improve nutrition by increasing awareness and access to healthier food choices, increase opportunities for and promote physical activity of residents. For more information on Washington County's Coalition, please visit their website.

LIFE (Lifestyle Initiative for Fitness Empowerment) Foundation
To reduce obesity by improving nutrition and increasing physical activity in a local safe environment to ultimately lower obesity-related disease risk. For more information on LIFE Foundation, please visit their website.

Wisconsin Active Communities Alliance (WACA)
Increase physical activity in communities across Wisconsin by making it easier and more inviting for people to move actively to, from, and at their destinations. For more information on WACA, please visit their website.

Working for Whitewater's Wellness (W3)
Physical activity, healthful eating, social connectedness, and positive outlook. For more information on W3, please visit their website.


2015 - 2018 COACH Teams

East Central Health and Planning (ECHIP)                                                                                                                                     ECHIP builds relationships and cooperative, visionary growth strategies that keep our region beautiful, healthy, and prosperous. ECHIP's priority health issues include incorporating health into planning processes, by creating sustainable and policy systems change for the built environment, which in turn will be instrumental in changing the health of our community.

Wisconsin Healthy Food Systems Alliance (WHFSA)                                                                                                                        WHFSA is working on aligning state and local initiatives to accelerate the healthy food systems movement throughout Wisconsin. Their priority health issues are nutrition and obesity.